Marine Charger PowerUSB-5V

Fast, powerful charger of mobile USB powered devices. Large charging current, up to 3Amp allows simultaneous charging of two “power-hungry” devices, eg. iPhone and iPad.
High performance, ensures quick charging. The efficiency of over 90%, saving yacht batteries. Compatible with most devices – smartphones, tablets, ebook readers, GPS, game consoles, DVD players, etc.
Protected against reverse polarity, overload, overheating. Easy to install, elegant in appearance. All necessary parts included in the kit.

Three year warranty.

Designed and manufactured in Poland.

– Miniature dimensions – 35x26x25mm
– Watertight epoxy sealed housing
– Integrated heat sink
– High performance – up to 3A
– Lightfast charging – large smartphone – less than an hour
– A wide input voltage range 6-30V
– Suitable for installation of 6V / 12V / 24V
– Easy electrical installation – two wires
– Quick ‚Äč‚Äčmechanical installation – one hole
– Could be easilly mouted on metal panel / GRP / wood
– Elegant appearance – included twincolor plate
– Optional milled plate
– Complete montage kit in package

– Handy charger on the navigation – charging GPS, tablet, phone
– Personal crew charger – installed at each berth – charge phone, reader, tablet, game console, etc.
– Could be built-in waterproof housing for tablets, at the navigation post
– Efficient car charger – most of currently USB sockets installed in modern cars are for media purposes, can deliver only 500mAmp – 6x less.
– Convenient charger in yacht, car, RV, caravan

The product is legally protected.


Leaflet (presentation)
Technical drawing
How to mount
Connection scheme